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The Alchemy of The Apology

Now called V, the Queen formerly known as Eve Ensler may be best known for her legendary work, The Vagina Monologues. But she's also a survivor, among the many things she claims for herself in the brilliant and beautiful message below.

Trigger warning: she discusses her experience with childhood physical and sexual abuse.

Hearing her story, we learn her methodology for a path toward healing. Similar to how there are many ways to exercise for physical fitness, there are also many ways to exercise for the healing of our hearts and minds. V bestows the gift of an idea—an exercise to heal through writing.

Write an apology to yourself, from the perspective of the one who did you wrong. What do you wish that person would say to you? How would their apology make you feel? How might receiving the apology begin to shift your own internal narratives and feelings about yourself?

If you enjoyed V's message, check out her TED talk or her book, The Apology.

Thank you for your beautiful work, and inspiring the rest of us, V.


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